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Uplift Williams Preparatory Address: 1750 Viceroy Dr, Dallas, TX 75235


Saturday, February 24, 2018 @ Uplift Williams Preparatory 

Schools included: Uplift Williams, Uplift Heights Secondary, Uplift Infinity, Uplift Peak

CodeSLAM Overview:

CodeSLAM is a program that introduces students to basic website creation, app development and game development, utilizing advanced computer coding languages. The CodeSLAM experience is a fun and engaging computer coding event that allows coders to be independently creative, or to collaborate in groups to deliver and present a project by the end of the coding session. 

CodeSLAM es un programa que introduce a estudiantes al desarrollamiento de páginas de internet, aplicaciones móviles, y video juegos, usando lenguajes de computadora avanzados. La experiencia de CodeSLAM permite a los estudiantes ser independientemente creativos, o colaborar en grupos en un evento que es divertida y atractivo. Al final de cada evento estudiantes presentaran sus proyectos.


PDL (Parents Digital Literacy) Camp: 

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Parents of CodeSLAM attendees are invited to join us for a hands on computer literacy experience.

While today's scholars are being educated in a fast paced digital environment, parents should have a general understanding of how to navigate and participate online as well as monitor online activities to support their scholar's digital learning experience. PDL camps are structured to provide a parent friendly environment that is also parent focused.

Los niños de hoy están siendo educados en nuevas tecnologías mientras tanto los padres de estudiantes son requeridos de comprender y entender como navegar, monitorear, participar, y hacer financias digital mente. Los padres de participantes a CodeSLAM son invitados a unirse a un taller de competencia digital en cual discutiremos estos temas.

Date and Time:

Saturday, February 24, 2018  

11 AM - 1 PM

Snacks will be served


Included Schools:

  • Uplift Williams Preparatory
  • Uplift Heights Secondary
  • Uplift Infinity Preparatory
  • Uplift Peak Preparatory

Event Details:

 Parents are required to attend registration with their child on the day of the event. All participating scholars must have registration forms signed by a parent/legal guardian.

Note:  Please fill out one registration form for each participant. 

*Due to limited technology, a wait-list will be created after event has reached capacity. We will email you shortly to let you know if you have been wait listed. 


Padres necesitan atender registraciones con su hijo/hija(s) el día del evento. Todos scholars participantes necesitan tener una forma de registración firmada por un padre o guardián legal.

Nota: Completar una forma de registración por cada participante.

*Causa a número limitado de tecnología, una lista de espera será creada cuando el evento ha llegado a capacidad. Serán notificados por correo electrónico si han sido puestos en la lista de espera.


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