Building it Up

  Monzerrat Carduso is an 8th grader at Piedmont Global Academy taking Coding I with us. She describes herself as being the “tech” in her family and she is excited to be taking her first ever coding class with us.

  In our middle school curriculum, we introduce students to HTML and CSS. We teach them the basics of each language and then begin working on projects. In this brief article, we are featuring two of Monzerrat’s webpages which are only a few weeks apart. Look at how she takes one of her first webpages and gives it a creative twist.


This is Monzerrat's first page. Toggle 'off' the HTML and CSS tabs to see the Result in full width. 

Student Profile


Monzerrat Carduso




Piedmont Global Academy

How long have you been coding? 

~2 months

What do you like about coding?

"I have used technology since I was a child. I’m the “tech" in my family…I want to make a career out of it.”
TX CAN Rosemarie.jpg

The Comparison

Both first site and re-worked as "favorite video game" site.


Again her is Monzerrat's first webpage. This is Monzerrat's first project after completing the language fundamentals section of our course. Please feel free to scroll inside this CodePen and click on the source code tabs. 


Notice how in her next CodePen, Monzerrat has re-purposed her first site into a site about her favorite video game. She has also added animated Gifs and fancy animated background. Again, please feel free to scroll inside her CodePen and toggle the HTML and CSS tabs on and off. 


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