Check Out What Our Students are Doing!


Adopt a bunny-Landing page

Rosemarie Salazar, one of our Coding I students at Texans Can Academy- Pleasant Grove, created this adorable landing page that allows visitors to sign-up to adopt a bunny rabbit. Click the button below to find out more about Rosemarie and her adorable web page.

WWI Planes- Responsive Web Page

Nathaniel Smith, Coding II student at Lakeland Christian Academy, shows off his mastery of "Media Queries" in this minimalist  project. With the help of "Media Queries" Nathaniel makes his websites about World War I planes into a responsive site which allows him to reach both Mobile and Desktop users. Click the button to find out more!

Reponsive Design Nathaniel.png


About ME/About MY Favorite Game Page

Check out how Monzerrat Carduso, a 13 year-old coder at Piedmont Goal Academy, took one of her projects and repurposed it to create a site about her favorite video game. Click the button below to see how she leveled-up her website. 

Coding With Scratch

Our elementary school Students at Edna Rowe Elementary School are getting a head start in coding with the help from Scratch. Click the button below to check out a scratch project from three of our students. 

Painting remix 5 on Scratch.png

10 17 16.png

About Me Page: Katherine Chavez

Katherine Chavez is an 7th grader at Piedmont Global Academy. Check out her work and more from her classmates by clicking the button down below. 

repurposing A Site: Dougnique Jackson

Dougnique Jackson from Piedmont Global Academy has repurposed her first webpage and made it into something new. Check her work and more from her classmates by clicking the button down below. 

Dougnique Comparison.jpg