Lakeland Christian Academy

Featured Work.


A Responsive Website About Airplanes 

Nathaniel Smith created an awesome responsive website about World War airplanes. 

His skill with media queries allowed him to create an awesome site that looks great in all kinds of screen, big or small. Check out his project below.

Nice Store Front.

Aiden Crump really likes scooters, so he created a really nice store front that can be used by a custom scooter shop.

Check out his work following the link below.

More Store Fronts and Fancy CSS.

Faith Strong has a eye for fancy layouts and great pastries. Her awesome webpage for "Le'Golden Croissant" showcases responsive design and a tasty banner that looks awesome!

Check out her project after using the link below. 

Responsive Menus And Another Storefront.

Michael Laymon has a knack for creating sites that look nice and have functionality. For his storefront project, Michael recreated the PayPal front page, and it will make you think you are in the real site. 

Check out his project using the button below:

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 6.46.28 PM.jpg

More Projects Coming Soon.