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  Rosemarie Salazar is part of our Coding I class at Texans Can Academy, Pleasant Grove campus. Just like many of her class mates at the Texans Can Academies, Rosemarie must balance school, family, and work. Her teachers and classmates describe her as being both positive and dedicated and we couldn’t agree more. Rosemarie’s first project shows her dedication to coding class and puts a smile on our faces.


Student Profile


Rosemarie Salazar




Texans Can Academy- Pleasant Grove.

How long have you been coding? 

~2 months

What do you like about coding?

"I like that you can make designs using code"
TX CAN Rosemarie.jpg

The Source Code

     The landing page was Rosemaire’s first project. Before taking our class, Rosemarie had never been exposed to computer programing languages, yet she coded like a champ and created this adorable web page.

            In our high school level classes, we introduce to our students ways they can use their programing knowledge to code for the industry. For this project, they had to create a landing page, which is a web page used to collect data from visitors and potential customers.  Within a few days, Rosemarie wrote her HTML framework and foundation for her web page.


     Her stylesheet was next. Just a couple lines of code were enough to give her site that extra touch of life. She added her background, colors, and font changes here. 

     When asked "what do you like the most about coding?" Rosemarie said:

"I like CSS... I like that you can make designs  using code. "
Adopt a bunny css.png

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