End of School Year

Final Projects

As the school year draws to an end, our students are wrapping up their final projects. Our Texans Can Academy Coding I students at Ross, Oak Cliff and Grant East locations are building websites on Code Pen (an online text editor for writing code) highlighting the influential people in their life, some are working on sites about themselves or things they like. Coders at Texans Can Academy Pleasant Grove had the opportunity to build a site for an actual client. The client loves the site and so do we! Check out the finished website here: https://www.cleanequalsbling.com/.

Throughout the year, our Middle School / Coding I students at Piedmont Global Academy learned HTML /CSS and participated in a website competition between each classroom period. Coders worked in groups and were assigned a city to build and present their websites to a panel.

Our Third graders have created a game in Scratch where they utilized block level coding to create a platform for Scratch Cat to jump and walk on a ground. 

This school year our Coding II students participated in the Games 4 Change Challenge and were just recently informed that they are one of six finalist in the competition. Their game is called "Arctic Journey" (Category/ Climate Change). They used the Unity Gaming Platform to create the content, design and operating functions. Needless to say, we are super excited for them and wish them luck on June 24th, when the winners for each category will be announced. 

CodeStream Studios Instructors enjoyed guiding, observing and tracking the progress of our coders this year. Their final projects are a true representation of how they have evolved and blossomed, as beginner and intermediate coders throughout the school year. 

Congratulations to our 2016-17 CodeStream Coders, we are extremely proud of your accomplishments this school year and look forward to coding with you next year!

Tiffany Thompson