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CodeStream Studios, LLC  (CSS) provides instruction and programming for multiple computer coding languages to elementary, middle school and high school students for "In School" and "Out of School" programs.  Given the fast pace of technology, the CSS team continuously develops and updates our comprehensive coding curriculum for grades 1-12 based on Texas Education Association’s standards. 

Our In-Service program offers computer coding instruction as part of the students' daily school schedule. An abbreviated version of our curriculum is delivered as an out of school program.  CodeSLAM programs are  3 - 4 hour out of school computer coding events, delivered in a Maker’s Space environment. Participating in a CodeSLAM connects the students to technology and technology applications in a fun and engaging way. 

We are especially pleased to provide our students with unique project based computer coding experiences offered with our venue partners, featuring the fundamentals of airplane flight, sustainability of plants or ecology of animals.  Through these experiences, we can more effectively demonstrate the impact and relationship of STEM  to everyday experiences and workforce opportunities.  Exposing new coders to computer coding in applied situations provides a solid introduction to computer science and opportunities for higher education, employment  as well as entrepreneurial opportunities.  

No experience is required for students to attend CSS sessions.




We believe that today's students need to be prepared for the new data driven workforce. Those students who learn to think as coders increase their critical and analytical thinking skills. If we engage elementary and middle school students early, our program will generate enough interest to ignite a spark that encourages them to dive deep into coding. Subsequently, high school students will increase their marketability for employment, if they understand how to navigate basic coding languages.



As  CSS students progress throughout the program, they become proficient in an array of computer languages, learning to:

  • Develop web pages
  • Develop mobile apps
  • Utilize static data in specific languages
  • Create data analytic solutions for industry defined problems

While our curriculum complements STEM studies and STAAR performance requirements, we think that daily coding instruction and engaging coding exercises utilizing various computer languages, will build confidence and marketable skill sets in our students.