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CodeSLAM At Your School



CodeSLAM events can be offered at your school's campus or you can partner with the nearest Recreation Center or technology lab to host CodeSLAM sessions for your students. Students with very little, or no coding experience are able to successfully participate. 


  • Exposure to the basic elements of computer coding
  • Encourages collaborations with peers
  • Experience using technology to complete a project by the end of the event

CodeSLAM is a hands-on experience for students and hands-off for instructors and adults. Instructors will indeed assist and guide the students however, they are encouraged to work independently and to reach out to their peers for help, before getting an instructor's assistance.


CodeSLAM At Your Venue



We love working with civic and private venues to enhance the venue goer's experience with a STEM focused coding activity.  

Our CodeSLAM Venue program is designed to align with your venue’s mission, vision and repeat traffic goals, to deliver technology as an added-value to the venue experience. CodeSLAM Venue Events encourage "venue goers" to collaborate, research and generate data during their visit that is later used to create cool and exciting coding projects including; app development, web development and game development. 


  • Supports mission, vision, and repeat traffic goals 
  • Combines the venue experience with hands on technology
  • New exciting way to engage venue guests