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What is CodeSLAM?

When a student experiences a CodeSLAM it ignites a spark that ultimately connects them to technology in a fun engaging way. CodeSlam events  introduce students to basic website creation, game and app development. It is an ideal program for parents and educators who want to offer their students a unique 3 - 4 hour "out of school time" computer coding experience, delivered in a teaching or maker’s space environment.

The CodeSLAM experience allows coders to be independently creative, or collaborate in groups, to deliver a project by the end of each session. CodeSLAMs have a unique rollout procedure and skill level approach, that allows each coder to have a successful project and overall experience at the SLAM!

NOTE: CodeSLAM content is aligned with the Texas Education Agency requirements and include Learning Objectives and Demonstration of Learning Objectives.

A CodeSLAM event is an engaging coding experience for students with or without a coding background. It provides an opportunity for all who attend to actively participate and be empowered by coding!


Interested in Hosting a CodeSLAM?


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