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CodeStream Studios has developed a project based computer coding curriculum for grades 3 - 12 that is aligned with the Texas Education Association standards. Our courses focus on the development of  fundamental computer programming skills students require to become college ready. Junior Coding (Grades 3- 7th) focuses on developing the student's problem solving skills and begin to develop logic thinking. Students grades 8th- 12th are presented to a more challenging curriculum which further develops their problem solving skills and begins to prepare them for more advanced programming courses.  

Our curriculum complements STEM studies and STAAR performance requirements. Daily coding instruction and engaging coding exercises utilizing various computer languages, build confidence and marketable skill sets in our students. No experience is required for students to attend CSS classes.  


Coding Courses


Our Coding Course are divided into 3 disciplines:

  • Web Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Robotics* 

Depending on the set of courses, students learn skills and techniques complementary to their discipline. 


Web Development


Pre- Requisite: NONE

In this set of courses, students learn web languages to create websites from start to finish. This includes, best-practices from creating wire-frames, project schedules, Design Fundamentals (Color Theory, Typography, Composition Fundamentals) and contract creation for clients. During this course, students have the option of learning advanced dynamic programming languages to  further develop their sites and create user interfaces or web applications.   


Included Courses: Web Development Foundations, Front-End Web Development, Back-End Development.

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Software Engineering  



Pre- Requisite: Code I

Software Engineering courses are structured to prepare students for college level programming courses. Students are required to take Code I, to learn the fundamentals of any of the advanced computer programming language such as; Java, C#, or Swift. After developing their fundamental knowledge of programming, students are prepared for advancement to App Development or Game Development courses. 

Included Courses: Code I, Java, Android Development, iOS Development, Game Development, and more... 

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Pre- Requisite: NONE

Robotics courses are meant to peak the interest of students and engage their imaginations in order to develop their problem solving skills. CodeStream Studio's Robotics courses are designed with real-world issues in mind, taking classroom knowledge out to application; beyond the computer screen. Students in these courses are introduced to the industry processes of development, deployment, and maintenance along with all the challenges that they bring.

Note:  Currently, Robotics courses are only available as workshops and out-of-school clubs/programs.

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Junior Coding




Pre- Requisite:  NONE

Junior Coding courses incorporate games and apps to help students practice thinking like a coder. These games can be played with or without a computer, as the main idea is often an approach to thinking and problem solving. Additional resources such as Scratch, Minecraft, and Swift Playground are introduced to provide a "play to learn" environment.

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