Our qualified and experienced coding instructors deliver engaging in-person and virtual educational experiences that motivate and inspire your students to learn, code, and create.

Live Events


1-Day Event

A unique 4-6 hour coding experience with a unique rollout and skill level approach focusing on one programming pathway option: Web, App, or Game.


3-Day Series

A 12-hour / 3-day opportunity for advanced coders to further explore technology using basic design & development in web, mobile, and game pathways.


1-Day Beginner Level Event

A fun, interactive event for introducing students with no prior experience to the fundamental concepts of coding through play and cooperation.

C.L.I.C. Club™

Recurring 1-Day Events

C.L.I.C. (Coding Literacy Impacting Communities) Club is an extended program for experiencing all of our programming pathway options: Web, App, Game, and Robotics & Circuitry. C.L.I.C. Club members apply what they've learned to a project designed to solve a problem in their community.

Long-Term Engagements

CodeStream Studios is also able to provide instructors and programming for long term in-person and virtual educational engagements. Whether you need us for a semester or for an entire school year, we have the experience and resources to deliver a fun and engaging technology education experience for your students.

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