Our instructional studios are project-based and designed to help students acquire computer coding skills through engaging exercises that develop critical and analytical
thinking skills.

Our Studios

Web Studio

Web Design & Development

Coders learn to design and develop sleek and modern websites using the building block languages of the web: HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

App Studio

Mobile Application Design & Development

Coders learn to design and develop mobile applications by prototyping and coding their own app ideas using current best practices for mobile development.

Game Studio

Game Design & Development

Coders will learn the basics of game mechanics and level design by programming a game engine and building playable game levels.

Robotics Studio

Robotics & Circuitry

Coders will learn to assemble and program simple robots by learning basic programming and constructing circuits using Arduinos and LilyPads.

Our fun and engaging STEM programming is designed to complement academic readiness testing performance requirements and can easily be adapted to align with your states’ educational association specifications.