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Pre- Requisite: NONE


Robotics courses are meant to peak the interest of students and engage their imaginations in order to develop their problem solving skills. CodeStream Studio's Robotics courses are designed with real-world issues in mind, taking classroom knowledge out to application beyond the computer screen. Students in these courses are introduced to the industry processes of development, deployment, and maintenance along with all the challenges that they bring.

*Robotics courses are currently only available as workshops and out-of-school clubs/programs.

Courses Included: Arduino (C), Raspberry Pi (Python). 

Recommended Program Duration:  12 Weeks ( 1 Semester)

Recommended Grade Skill Level: Beginner - Advanced

*Per Student & Group Rates Available


  • Science and Math concepts

  • Promotes Confidence /Empowerment

  • Sense of accomplishment

  • Collaboration / Teamwork

  • Social interaction

  • Courses are aligned with TEKS

  • Problem solving

  • Critical thinking

  • Increases Persistence

  • Creativity


Robotics Using Arduino

In this course students will use Arduino micro controllers in order to program and build intricate designs. Students will explore the C programming language using Arduino devices in order to solve practical problems. Projects range from a miniature smart city to an interactive, autonomous adventure built using robotics. First-time programmers will be introduced to the C language and its rules while experienced coders will learn to utilize its features in new and exciting ways.

Robotics Using Raspberry Pi

In this course, students will use a Rasberry Pi to program an array of devices. The Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized computer with a slew of educational features that students will utilize throughout this course. Students will use the Raspberry Pi's array of re-programmable General-Purpose In/Out Pins (GPIOs) to interface and apply their designs, building tangible products which reflect their hard work. This course walks students through design, development, and deployment.


Check out the robotics we did with the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas!