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MotionBlock is a 10-in-1 modular and programmable robot geard with intelligent servos.It’s flexible and can mimic bionic movements.With the handheld synchronizer and built-in motion recording function,the motion block could learn and repeat the new act directly.Also it’s available to code for other tasks by mBlock 5 software and Makeblock App.Motionblock is an ideal robot kit to learn about robotics, smart servos and be creative.




  • Enable to be assembled into 10+ configurations

  • Modular Design with sophisticated mechanical and electronic components

  • High-performance intelligent servos

  • Easy to construct and control




Master Control: Bluetooth module, 12 x 16 LED dot screen, servo expansion interface x 4, micro USB port x 1

Support OS: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS

Connection: Bluetooth, USB cable

Power: Lithium battery

Working Voltage: 5V

Number of Servos: 5

Materials and Parts: ABS+PC

Operating Temperature: 0°C~50°C

Accessories: Micro USB Cable, rubber cable, battery charger, rudder adapter plate

Package Dimension: 476 x 156 x 410 mm

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