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Neuron Inventor Kit is the entry-level package of the Neuron series and targets users 6 years old and above. It is comprised of 7 main blocks and accessories. The blocks can be magnetically connected like a circuit to make different gadgets or show different effects. They can also be programmed in the Neuron app by tapping and connecting icons. Educators of elementary school and above can utilize Neuron in their makerspace programs.




  • Inspire kids with hands-on building and creation experience

  • 2017 Reddot Award and 2018 IF Design Award winner

  • Flow-based programming requires no coding experience

  • Integrate with included cardboards to make a guitar, a dinosaur or DJ machine

  • Can be assembled with Lego blocks


Product Details


Appealing, durable, and functional design


Each Neuron block is a white plastic cube with 4 sides wrapped by colored rubber skin. It gives a quality and clean feel. The plastic shell protects the circuit boards inside from getting broken. The blocks can be magnetically connected via the Pogo pin connectors on each block, making it easy to connect and disconnect two blocks.


Starting point to become an inventor


The inventor kit only offers a limited number of blocks. But with in-app tutorial demo videos, users can learn how these blocks work and how they can integrate with cardboards to make cool toys and gadgets. Eventually, users can purchase more individual blocks from the Neuron series to turn their ideas into creations.


Programming can’t be easier


Young kids are visual. The Neuron app minimizes reading and simplifies programming to merely connecting icons with lines. But it is enough to demonstrate how a program is run and the logics in it. Teachers without any coding experience can comfortably teach the app in class.

Blocks and Main Accessories


Green blocks: power, bluetooth

Input blocks: funny touch, gyro

Output blocks: buzzer, LED panel, servo driver

Accessories: servo, boards

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