Makeblock mBot Light&Sound Add-on Pack



As the name goes, mBot Light&Sound Add-on Pack essentially adds a light sensor and a sound sensor to mBot and mBot-S to demonstrate the use of these two commonly used sensors in daily life.




  • Turn mBot into 3 different robots: Light-Chasing Robot, Scorpion Robot, and Intelligent Desk Lamp

  • A light sensor and a sound sensor are included

  • Increase the fun of playing with mBot


Product Details


3 New Robots


Light-Chasing Robot: It detects the light intensity via two light sensors on each side. It can be programmed that when the light intensity on the left side is greater than that on the right side, the robot will turn left; when right side is greater than the left side, the robot will turn right;otherwise, the robot will go straight.


Scorpion Robot: Adding a shiny tail (RGB lights) to mBot to make it to look like a scorpion. The RGB lights can be triggered on by the light sensor or sound sensor.


Intelligent Desk Lamp: The lamp can be programmed such that it can be turned on or its brightness adjusted by touching the line-following sensor or by loudness of sound. 

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