Makeblock mBot Ranger 3-in-1 Programmable Robotics Kit




mBot Ranger is the intermediate robotics kit in the mBot series and targets users 10 years old and above. The Ranger can be built into 3 preset variations: a tank (Land Raider), a racing car (Dashing Raptor), or a self-balancing robot (Nervous Bird). After building, users can control the robot or play games via mobile apps, or write code with Makeblock’s visual programming software mBlock 5. For educators of middle school and above, this is a great tool for teaching computer science class,  robotics class, and other STEAM classes.



  • Enjoy the approximately 45-minute building experience

  • Increase the fun of learning to code and keep students engaged

  • The Ranger can run on rough outdoor terrains in the Land Raider mode

  • 9 programmable input and output modules create a series of activities the Ranger can perform

  • Me Auriga mainboard provides 10 ports to add more electronic components


Product Details


3 Robotic Constructions


Land Raider: Climb, roll and avoid obstacles as you enjoy the incredible outdoor performance of the Off-road Land Raider!


Dashing Raptor: With super-speed and intelligent line following abilities, it is your trusty companion in any competition. It will keep pace with you all the way, as you race to victory!


Nervous Bird: Fun to watch it balance on its wheels, the Self-balancing Nervous Bird makes for an exciting and engaging playmate for children.


Easily Teach Computer Science and Robotics

Educators can use this robot to teach not only basic to Arduino-C based advanced coding courses but also improve students’ teamwork and problem-solving skills. It’s also a great tool to introduce concepts of robotics.


Programmable Components and Sensors


Input: Ultrasonic sensor, sound sensor, light sensor, temperature sensor, line-following sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, IR transmitter/receiver

Output: motors, RGB lights, buzzer

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