Makeblock mBot Servo Add-on Pack



mBot Servo Add-on Pack essentially adds a servo to mBot and mBot-S to demonstrate the use of servo, which is an important and widely used part of a robot.




  • Turn mBot into 3 different robots: Dancing Cat, Head-Shaking Cat, and Light-Emitting Cat

  • A 9G servo pack and RGB light are included

  • Increase the fun of playing with mBot

Product Details


3 New Robots


Dancing Cat: The servo is connected to a long beam to mimic the arms of a cat. Users can program to trigger the servo and then the beam can rotate in a range just like a cat is waving its arms.


Head-Shaking Cat: The servo is connected to the ultrasonic sensor of the mBot, which acts as the “head”. Now once the servo operates, the “head” shakes left to right and right to left.


Light-Emitting Cat: The servo is attached to the back of the mBot and connected to the RGB light panel. This way it looks like the cat has a moving tail that can also emit light.

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