Makeblock mBot Six Leg Add-on Pack



mBot Six Leg Add-on Pack can add to/replace mBot’s and mBot-S’ wheels with aluminum beam legs, and thus changing the look of the robot. In this process, users can expand their understanding of Makeblock’s aluminum beam system and robot’s structural design.




  • Turn mBot into 3 different robots: Beetle, Mantis, and Crazy Frog

  • 5 different types of beams

  • Extend the fun of building

Product Details


3 New Robots


Beetle: Instead of running on wheels, Beetle walks on its 6 legs (aluminum beams)


Mantis: Two front legs are added to mBot to become Mantis. The front legs are mechanically connected to the back wheels so as the wheels rotate the legs move along


Crazy Frog: Four legs replace the original wheels to mimic a frog

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