Ozobot Color Code Stickers


Code Evo or Bit screen-free, with stickers!

  • 160 Color Code stickers, for coding Evo and Bit robots

  • Draw lines with markers and add Color Code stickers that tell your robot to speed up, spin, show off cool moves, and more!

  • Includes 40 Direction stickers, 40 Speed and Cool Moves stickers, 40 Timers and Counters stickers, and 40 Correction stickers

  • Create roads, mazes, and entire worlds for Evo or Bit to explore, then share your creations with the #OzoSquad 


​Recommended for ages 6+​

In The Box

  • Color Code Tips Sheet

  • 40 Direction Color Code stickers

  • 40 Speed and Cool Moves Color Code stickers

  • 40 Timers and Counters Color Code stickers

  • 40 Correction Color Code stickers

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