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Web Development


Pre- Requisite: NONE


In this set of courses, students learn web languages to create websites from start to finish. This includes, best-practices from creating wire-frames, project schedules, Design Fundamentals (Color Theory, Typography, Composition Fundamentals) and contract creation for clients. In the stage of this course, students have the option of learning advanced dynamic programming languages to  further develop their site's and create user interfaces or web applications.   

Included Courses: Web Development Foundations, Front-End Web Development, Back-End Development.

Recommended Course Duration:  12 Weeks ( 1 Semester)

Recommended Grade Skill Level: Beginner - Advanced

*Per Student & Group Rates Available


  • Science and Math concepts

  • Promotes Confidence /Empowerment

  • Sense of accomplishment

  • Collaboration / Teamwork

  • Social interaction

  • Courses are aligned with TEKS

  • Problem solving

  • Critical thinking

  • Increases Persistence

  • Creativity


Web Development Foundations

Students learn the fundamentals of Web Development in order to create sleek and modern looking websites. Supporting skills are taught to help them succeed when developing websites as a freelance professional. 

Pre-Req. :None

Front-End Web Development

Students have a fundamental understanding of Web Development languages. This Front-End Web Development course includes JavaScript, its libraries, and programming fundamentals in order to build user interfaces and web applications.

Pre-Req. : Web Development Foundations

Back-End Web Development 

Students learn how to manage the Back-end of websites. From managing resources to databases, students use dynamic, object-oriented languages and their frameworks to make web applications functional. 

Pre-Req. : Front-End Web Development