Who We Are

We provide turnkey technology education resources and engaging, project-based STEM programming that help students build confidence, improve college-readiness, and develop marketable skill sets.

Our Mission

Educating the New Tech Workforce

Today's students need to be prepared for the new tech-driven workforce. Those students who learn to think as coders increase their critical and analytical thinking skills. We hope to engage elementary and middle school students early, in order to generate enough interest to ignite a spark that encourages them to dive deep into STEM-related careers.

Our Teaching Philosophy

We believe the best way to learn computer coding is to code.

We believe in project-based-learning, especially when it comes to teaching computer
programming. We also believe that students learn best when they are allowed the opportunity to take on a challenge, and that the experience gained from overcoming that challenge by applying problem-solving skills, is by far the most valuable experience a student can receive.

About Us

Founded in 2015 as a technology education company, CodeStream Studios was created to provide access and instruction to technology and coding.​

To date, we have taught Web and Mobile App Design, Game Development, and Robotics to over 4,000 K-12 students throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.​

In 2020, CodeStream Studios began its evolution to a SaaS company, launching our  Online Studio™ platform.