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“We believe that today's students need to be prepared for the new data driven workforce. Students who learn to think as coders, increase their critical and analytical thinking skills. ”






CodeStream Studios, LLC (CSS) is an education technology company that delivers a comprehensive coding curriculum created for grades 1-12 based on the Texas Education Association’s standards.

Our In-Service program offers computer coding instruction as part of the students daily school schedule. An abbreviated version of our curriculum is delivered as an out-of-school program. Regardless of a student’s prior coding exposure, experience or background, we can facilitate a successful website and game/app development to give our students the results and sense of accomplishment they need. 



We believe that today's students need to be prepared for the new data driven workforce. Those students who learn to think as coders increase their critical and analytical thinking skills. If we engage elementary and middle school students early, our program will generate enough interest to ignite a spark that encourages them to dive deep into coding. Subsequently, high school students will increase their marketability for employment, if they understand how to navigate basic coding languages.



Throughout the program, CSS students become proficient in an array of computer languages, learning to create web pages, develop mobile apps, utilize static data in specific languages and ultimately, how to create data analytic solutions for industry defined problems. While our curriculum complements STEM studies and STAAR performance requirements, we think that daily coding instruction and engaging coding exercises utilizing various computer languages, will build confidence and marketable skill sets in our students. 

No experience is required for students to attend CSS sessions. With this in mind, our curriculum was developed to:

01. Expose

Expose students of diverse economic backgrounds to coding, allowing them to increase their critical and analytical thinking skills and to discover an atmosphere of opportunity.

02. Engage

Engage students with a curriculum that challenges them to develop persistence and logical problem solving skills. 

03. Impact

Impact students by teaching them to use technology to make and demonstrate their own solutions, not just consume it.


Inspire creativity through project-base learning and prepare those who want to further pursue careers in the data driven workforce.






Children learn through play. The CodeStream Studios (CSS) elementary curriculum incorporates games and apps to help children practice thinking like a coder. Such games usually incorporate procedure writing, creating variables, and “if/then” thinking. These games can be played with or without a computer, as the main idea is often an approach to thinking and problem solving.



"Translating Solutions into Code"

The CSS middle school curriculum builds on the computational thinking concepts provided in the CSS elementary school program and introduces real-world student-generated projects into classrooms. The middle school program, in addition to identifying the solution to an assigned problem, introduce “front end” fundamental languages. We are committed to providing an interactive middle school curriculum that supports the College and Career Readiness Vision.



"Coding for Industry"

Our focused high school program dives into the basic “Front-End” computer programming languages then later, combines them with “Back-End” programming to create a complete coding experience for CSS students. Our objective for the high school program is to expose our students to computer coding that prepares them for work as an advanced coder in the tech industry after high school graduation.  If the student is college bound, prepare them for a possible major in Computer Science.


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