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Our Online Studio™ platform helps students build technical and creative skills with engaging project-based programming designed to motivate and inspire.

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CodeStream Studios delivers engaging student experiences in an inclusive and user-focused environment - whether you’re an educator, administrator, or a parent, we can provide you with the tools, resources and support needed to empower your students.

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What We Do


Our qualified and experienced coding instructors deliver engaging in-person and virtual educational experiences that motivate and inspire your students to learn, code, and create. Learn More


Our educational, project-based programming is designed to help students acquire computer coding skills through engaging exercises that develop critical and analytical thinking skills. Learn More


Our in-person and virtual professional training programs are designed to empower educators to engage and inspire their students through coding and technology. Learn More

Online Studio™

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A Complete Virtual Coding Experience

Featuring our CodeEditor™, a unique, 3-panel coding platform, the CodeStream Online Studio™ allows students to remotely access and complete our engaging, project-based educational programming, helping them learn coding languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript, while building their very own websites, games, and apps!

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Who We Are

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CodeStream Studios provides turnkey technology education resources and engaging, project-based STEM programming that help students build confidence, improve college-readiness, and develop marketable skill sets.

Our programming is designed to complement academic readiness testing performance requirements and can easily be adapted to align with your states’ educational association specifications.

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