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Technology jobs are in high demand and the industry is booming with opportunities! Students with the proper training and education can take advantage of the high demand for computer coding career roles and turn their skills into a long-term successful career.


Our programs and services are designed to provide your organization with exciting and immersive turnkey experiences tailored to the needs of your students and teachers.

Instructional Service

Our Instructors are a highly qualified team of educators and industry professionals that leverage their real-world experience to provide context and best-practices to your students. Our instructors will work with your students to promote an engaging and inclusive environment while delivering our unique and engaging project-based curriculum.

Professional Development Service

We can facilitate your organization's professional development workshop, delivering sessions in computer coding, technology education, and current industry approached. Our training workshops are able to accommodate individuals or groups, and are designed to provide both novice and experienced computer coding teachers with the practical skills, tools, and resources needed to effectively engage their students.

Consulting Service

Whether you are building a tech program from scratch, upgrading your existing equipment, or simply looking to refresh your tech program, our team can help!

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Turnkey programs and services designed to deliver immersive and engaging educational experiences that inspire students to Learn, Code, and Create.

Tailored experiences to meet your needs

Tailored to the needs of your teachers and students, our programs are delivered virtually or in-person, and adaptable to accommodate for varying levels of time commitment, class sizes, coding backgrounds, and skill and comprehension levels.


Our Classroom program is a classroom-style experience led by our instructors where students have the opportunity to complete a course in one of our studios: Web, App, or Game.


Our eLab program is a distance learning experience where students have the opportunity to asynchronously complete a course in one of our Studios: Web, App, or Game, while having the support of our instructors in scheduled weekly eLab tutoring sessions.


Our CodeSlam program is an immersive coding experience led by our instructors with a unique rollout and skill level approach focusing on one Studio option: Web, App, or Game. We can create a custom project for your group, or you can select from our catalog of existing projects.

C.L.I.C. Club

Our C.L.I.C. Club (Coding Literacy Impacting Communities) is an extended self governed club, that meets 1-2 times per week. Club Members can focus on all or one of our Studio options: Web, App, Game, and Engineering and apply what they've learned to a capstone project designed to solve a problem in their community.

Code Trios

Our CodeTRIOS program is a 3-day opportunity for advanced coders to work with our instructors while further exploring technology using design and development in 3 of our Studios: Web, App, and Game.

Code Camp

Our CodeCamp program is an immersive, 1 to 8 week long instructor-led event that takes campers through the creation and design process of software and gives them a foundational understanding which can be applied across other learning disciplines.

Code Station

Our CodeStation program is a fun interactive 1-day instructor-led event designed to introduce students with no prior experience or exposure to the fundamentals of coding through play and cooperation.