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Frequently Asked Questions.

How do you structure your curriculum?

Our curriculum is anchored in industry relevance and is designed to be inclusive for students of varying cultural backgrounds, helping them acquire computer coding skills through engaging exercises that develop critical and analytical thinking skills.

Is your curriculum adaptable?

You tell us how what makes sense for you and your organization. Our content development team can work with you to create engaging, project-based curriculum that aligns with your organizations specific needs and desired learning outcomes.

What is your curriculum standard?

Our curriculum is developed to align with the Texas Education Association Standards (TEKS) and complement STAAR (State of Texas Academic Readiness) performance requirements. Our curriculum can be easily adapted to align with your states' educational association specifications.

How do I get a Teacher License? 

If you're interested in a teacher license for the CodeStream OnlineStudio platform, please contact us by email at

How do I sign-up my child to the CodeStream Online Studio?

Currently we do not offer single subscriptions to our online platform. Please check back soon for updates or sign-up to our mailing list Here.