Learn. Code. Create.

We’re a team of diverse individuals who believe the best way to learn to code is to code. Our mission is to educate the new tech workforce by creating engaging project-based content that serves as a catalyst to personal, academic, and professional success.

"I like the challenge that learning how to code provided. I like how it required me to look at things closely."

Student with The Michael Finley Foundation


Our mission is to Educate the New Tech Workforce by engaging students with relevant and fun content that elevates the coding experience. We do this by producing all of our content, videos and supporting resources, in-house at our Studio headquartered in Dallas, TX. We believe that working closely with our clients to ensure that we are addressing their needs.

Coding Philosophy

We believe that technology can serve as a catalyst to personal, academic, and professional success for every student, everywhere. We also believe that delivered the wrong way, coding can be very boring. We make coding fun and exciting by leveraging industry trends and real-world experience into engaging interactive content and unique projects that prepare students to succeed.


Commitment - Progress does not equal perfection, therefore we iterate until it’s right.

Kindness - Kindness is a superpower technology, let's use it to make the world a better place.

Inclusion - All for STEM, STEM for All - We support and advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion.

Innovation - Be tech creators not just consumers.


About the founders

It all began because we wanted to provide our daughter the opportunity to learn and experience coding. Appreciating how technology works is absolutely critical to be competitive in the 21 Century Workforce! After a futile search for computer science and computer coding resources in our area, we decided to build a solution for her. We also learned that many other parents and educators were having similar frustrations in their searches; they were also unable to find rigorous, relevant and affordable instruction for their students. Now, seven years later (and a daughter in college) we have partnered with hundreds of teachers, dozens of schools to deliver fun, engaging and project based instruction to thousands of students.


Work Culture

CodeStream Studios is a diverse team of passionate and dynamic individuals from a multitude of backgrounds and experiences who are reimagining the production of online technology education for K-12 students.

Our team of instructors are highly qualified educators and industry professionals that leverage their real-world experience to provide context and best-practices to your students.

Join Our Team

Our Journey


Join Our Team

CodeStream Studios founded

CodeStream instructed their first class of  15 students at Lakeland Christian Academy Flower Mound, Texas.


From 15 students to 350! 

We went from teaching 15 student in 2015 to 350 students in 2016! 


Launched CodeStream Online Studio CSOS Platform

We launched our CSOS learning platform! It allowed us to teach virtually through unprecedented times during the Summer and Fall of 2020 and to began delivering our services outside the state of Texas.


Increased school locations in 9 states

We started virtually coding with students in 9 additional states.


Reached new milestone of 7000 students and counting!

We continue to serve hundreds of students each year, since 2015 we've coded with over 7000 students. Stay tuned cuz we're just getting started!

2023 - 2024

We've coded with over 17,000 students and counting!

Our CSOS (CodeStream Online Studio) learning platform is fully operative and being used by all CodeStream coders. We are instructing, tracking, saving and assessing our coders' projects, all on our platform. Stay tuned, cuz now we're rollin!